Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain was recommended to me by a friend who has been known to torture me in the past with Dark Souls. For some reason I decided to trust him and exactly the same experience happened.

Character Selection
Man, man, man, robot, bigger man…

Risk of Rain is a 2D shooter with platform and rogue-like elements, and I’d just like you to know that was a particularly difficult sentence to construct. You are an adventurer on a strange planet, tasked with finding a ‘teleporter’ – whilst slaughtering or hoarding everything you come across along the way. It also operates on a timed system, where the longer you spend faffing around in a level, the more difficult enemies will be to kill and they’ll also spawn more across the zone.

The items you steal from the inhabitants will alter your attacks or your character; you can increase your damage, cause bleed damage, increase out of combat healing and so on and so on. It’s fairly random what you’ll see in a level, where it’ll spawn and – if you’re playing co-op – who will get it.


I’ve mostly played co-op in Risk of Rain, which is brilliant: it’s mad fun, running off in separate directions, grabbing every trinket on the way and meeting up at the teleporter afterwards. Activating the teleporter makes a boss appear, which you must shoot in the ankle until it keels over.

The characters are all tiny sprites, made that way so the bosses would seem massive and terrifying when they appeared. Which they are and it all adds to the crazy experience, darting back and forth and trying not to be overwhelmed by a swarm of creatures while you’re focussing fire on a Sentinel’s left toe.

Magma Worm
One of the few things you don’t shoot in the foot. You shoot it in the tail.

Whilst Risk of Rain is excellent when playing co-op, it is difficult to actually set up a co-op game. Clicking two buttons on a menu, not so much, but forwarding ports from your router to your PC can be a pain. I get that most PC players will be competent enough to Google the instructions, access their router’s admin panel and set that up, anyone who may not be experienced in online multiplayer might have some trouble.

Or, if they’re at uni and have to rely on an IT help desk.

I keep banging on about co-op, because I tried playing single player and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed in a level, let alone taking on a boss by yourself. I’ve tried a few times and wasn’t able to make it off the first planet, which is a shame because I’m sure this would be great to muck through as a wind down after work.

It’s nice to know exactly how to waste my free time.

I have really enjoyed Risk of Rain, it’s been an excellent method of catching up with an old friend in an all too familiar way. It’s a great adventure, it’s challenging and tough but makes it worth it to keep going. I’m always a fan of soothing, electronic melodies so add that to the positive points as well.


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