March Round-Up

Perhaps I should have mulled on my changes and waited until the start of a month, so I’d have a little more to talk about. Instead here we are at the end of March, on the second Friday in the new plan, with some stuff to talk about!

There have been a few big releases this month (one that I’ve actually managed to write about!), including The Division and the latest Hitman. We finally have the first DLC for Fallout 4, in the form of Automatron! And finally, at least in terms of this paragraph, a re-release of a game in a series close to my heart; Twilight Princess HD – if only I had a Wii U!

Microsoft have been pretty active this month, but not entirely for great reasons. Lionhead Studios, the brains behind the Fable series, and Press Play Studios were closed down earlier this month, with Lionhead’s latest project Fable Legends has been cancelled. I wish everyone there the best of luck for their futures and that they’ll be back on their feet creating great games soon!

Edit: Sony have also chosen to close down Evolution Studios, who made DriveClub. More well wishes to them.

Microsoft have also announced that they are committed to PC gaming and have revived the monster that was Games For Windows Live, albeit in a new form. While this has meant that Quantum Break will now be coming to PC, it also has the added fun of new Always-On DRM. I think I’ll just stick with Steam…

Unfortunately, those are the biggest stones in the water that I’ve caught this month. I’ll be sure to keep a keener eye on the news in future!


  • We started the month with a review of Watch Dogs, where you play as a part-man, part-mobile by the name of Aiden Pearce, exacting his revenge on other technically able gangsters in Chciago – a fairly standard cover shooter, with a hacking mechanic bolted on.
  • On the subject of disappointing games, I also reviewed Murdered: Soul Suspect, where you find clues as a ghost in imaginative areas such as a graveyard, a mental asylum and a police station. I’m glad I bought it on a sale, it has performed at it’s £3 price tag for me.
  • Ubisoft managed to punt out two games this month and only one of them interested me and that was Far Cry Primal. Maybe I’ve outgrown the collective Ubiverse, maybe I just like a good plot, but unfortunately Primal wasn’t for me. It looks good, but it doesn’t go very far.

I’ve also been playing a lot of Destiny this month, having finally caved and bought it for a tenner from CeX. Surprisingly, given my usual distaste towards anything first-person and also shooter, I am really enjoying it! I’m pretty much done with the base game now, I just need to save some pennies and get the expansions to carry on. Expect to see a proper post about that soon.

Next month I’m looking forward to Dark Souls 3, although I’m not entirely convinced my pre-order is actually ready and waiting, so that’ll be a nice surprise. I’m a fan of the series, just not very good at playing them, so expect a post about the first half of the game before the difficulty curve spikes into the lower orbit.


I’ve only had the chance to write one Opinion Piece this month and that was on the topic of Space Exploration – we’re seeing an influx of games with the simple premise of “jump in a spaceship and go make some fun”, which is great for people who like them, but we could end up in a situation like we did with the zombie survival genre. Do you know anyone who still plays DayZ today?


The debut of Covert Art was last Friday, a simple game for a simple post in which Luke gives me 5 game covers to rate out of 7. The theme this week, I’m certain, was the colour yellow.

Next Friday will be Appy Days, a review of a mobile game I’ve been playing. I was a bit worried about this feature, because my phone decided to die last week. It gave me just enough time to back up my pictures and then promptly switched itself off, forever. But I have a new phone now, so I’ve downloaded several different games which I’ll let you know about next week!



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