News and Updates

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, I haven’t prepped anything for this week after a particularly mad-cap weekend down South. However, I do have some news and updates for you which should breath a bit of life into myself and this blog!

First of all, if you are jonesing for a fix of Jyn Reviews you can head over to Karibu who have published two posts of mine: the first is my Legion review, which you may have read but has had another pair of eyes on it, and the second is an Opinion Piece on Star Citizen, having watched the E3 2016 gameplay video and had a surprising change of heart. Please let me know what you think!

Don’t stop there though! Please have a read of the other posts on Karibu, this is a fantastic new site for everyone with loads of great content.


In other news, there are going to be a few changes to Jyn Reviews – nothing major, aside from the name, template and domain… I’m going to be hosting the blog on my own domain and renaming it to The Gamepad – everything will be moved over to the new site and I’ll be spending a few hours picking the perfect template, but you’ll be the first to know when it changes! Jyn Reviews will live on in spirit and possibly under a new tag…

I’d also like to take this opportunity to invite anyone reading to submit their own Guest Posts for the blog. The Internet is a scary place and I’d be happy to have a read and post something if you’d like to get a feel for it – earlier this year, my good friend and best man Aidan Parr wrote a post about Overwatch which went down brilliantly!

Thanks again for popping by, check back next week for my latest post!


A Week in Review

Yesterday there should have been a post, but there wasn’t. I didn’t write anything up, because I haven’t actually played anything enough to give a proper opinion on it. In the space of a week, I’ve increased the amount of shooters I own by 400% – turns out I’m still terrible at them, but my friends play them and we can fail spectacularly together.

In particular, I’ve been playing Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield 4 – I think you’ll probably hear about Siege first, it’s a surprisingly small game. Overwatch has provided some brilliant moments in its short time, but I keep smushing my face on the glass ceiling of progress.

In the last day Niantic have released a new update for their nostalgic hit, Pokemon Go. Amongst some of the updates is a change to the Pokemon tracker, which will be rolled out quietly to a few users to test. This is an exciting turn of events which hopefully means Niantic are listening to their players, even if they’re 3 weeks late to the party. I’ll readily admit that I haven’t fully committed to Pokemon Go in the last week and a lot of that is because of the problems with the tracker. Wandering the streets of Cheshire with my phone in the air, hoping for anything but a Weedle loses its fun after a while.

I’ve also found myself back on a private server in Minecraft, putting together a little village based on the Warcraft style. Minecraft is best for a chilled out evening, planning and building over hours while you watch some TV – about 4 hours later and my Town Hall is complete! It’s on to Inn now!

On the note of Warcraft, the pre-patch for Legion was applied a week ago which made a few changes in preparation for the latest expansion (which I’m very excited about). Class abilities and talents have been cut back and changed to give a proper sense of fantasy, so if you’ve not logged on yet, be prepared to relearn your class! There a lot more additions and changes, such as the revamped Professions and the new Transmog system. Today marks the start of Demon Invasions in Azeroth, which players can reopen to earn rewards prior to the release of Legion. Wowhead has some guides for what’s happening and what you will need to do. There will be a Legion post at the beginning of next month, I’ve prepared myself with a week off and the Collectors Edition!

I’m sorry there isn’t a proper post this week, I’ll have something substantial ready for next week – here’s hoping for a more active week in between!