World of Warcraft: Legion

Anyone who knows me will know that I am a big Blizzard fan, so as soon as I found out the release date for World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion I took a week off from work to play it. Legion was a revitalisation for the MMO with a lot of hopes pinned on its success, considering the mediocre reception of Warlords of Draenor. A long and winding story has been laid in the last couple of expansions, now coming to a head with the Burning Legion setting their sights on Azeroth.

From the beginning, we are on the back foot: the first scenario takes place on the Broken Shore, a massive effort from both factions to push the Legion back before the invasion even begins. We barely make it out alive, with major losses to both sides and distrust sewn back into the Alliance and the Horde.

After we realise the extent of the Legion’s power – which included Invasions throughout Azeroth during the pre-patch questline – Khadgar decides to take the fight to the Legion, magically teleporting these willing adventurers and an entire city to the Broken Isles.


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GTA Online

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a write-off, with unexpected circumstances preventing anything substantial from being posted. I’ve also been dropping in and out of different games in that time, thanks to a new group of friends with a hugely varied Steam library between us.

A lot of time has been spent in the impressively criminal state of San Andreas, where up to 30 maniacs armed to the teeth can cause havoc across the city of Los Santos (and surrounding areas). For the longest time, I’d created a guy who looked scarily similar to me and took after my greatest trait: staying inside for fear of being murdered. However, with the occasional support of a group of slightly less insane people, I’ve ventured into the world and committed a whole lot of crime.

GTA Online 1

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A Week in Review

Yesterday there should have been a post, but there wasn’t. I didn’t write anything up, because I haven’t actually played anything enough to give a proper opinion on it. In the space of a week, I’ve increased the amount of shooters I own by 400% – turns out I’m still terrible at them, but my friends play them and we can fail spectacularly together.

In particular, I’ve been playing Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield 4 – I think you’ll probably hear about Siege first, it’s a surprisingly small game. Overwatch has provided some brilliant moments in its short time, but I keep smushing my face on the glass ceiling of progress.

In the last day Niantic have released a new update for their nostalgic hit, Pokemon Go. Amongst some of the updates is a change to the Pokemon tracker, which will be rolled out quietly to a few users to test. This is an exciting turn of events which hopefully means Niantic are listening to their players, even if they’re 3 weeks late to the party. I’ll readily admit that I haven’t fully committed to Pokemon Go in the last week and a lot of that is because of the problems with the tracker. Wandering the streets of Cheshire with my phone in the air, hoping for anything but a Weedle loses its fun after a while.

I’ve also found myself back on a private server in Minecraft, putting together a little village based on the Warcraft style. Minecraft is best for a chilled out evening, planning and building over hours while you watch some TV – about 4 hours later and my Town Hall is complete! It’s on to Inn now!

On the note of Warcraft, the pre-patch for Legion was applied a week ago which made a few changes in preparation for the latest expansion (which I’m very excited about). Class abilities and talents have been cut back and changed to give a proper sense of fantasy, so if you’ve not logged on yet, be prepared to relearn your class! There a lot more additions and changes, such as the revamped Professions and the new Transmog system. Today marks the start of Demon Invasions in Azeroth, which players can reopen to earn rewards prior to the release of Legion. Wowhead has some guides for what’s happening and what you will need to do. There will be a Legion post at the beginning of next month, I’ve prepared myself with a week off and the Collectors Edition!

I’m sorry there isn’t a proper post this week, I’ll have something substantial ready for next week – here’s hoping for a more active week in between!

Guest Post: Overwatch

I’m happy to announce that this week, we have a guest post from a friend of mine – Aidan Parr! This is an unprecedented change and I can only assume he wants all of my ‘fame’ and ‘money’, but I’ll let it slide (this time). So, for your reading pleasure, please enjoy Aidan’s review of Overwatch on the PS4!

Having your own flat is full of little freedoms that you don’t expect, little freedoms that mean spending a large portion of your monthly income for the next 30 years on your mortgage seems slightly more worth it. These little freedoms include not having to queue for the shower in the morning, having pop-tarts for dinner, and having your own internet connection.

You see, this internet connection, this marvellous fibre optic connection, means online gaming is actually worthwhile for the first time in my life. I don’t have lag, I don’t have to wait seven hundred and thirty two hours for a PlayStation update to download (now it’s an even two hundred hours, seriously Sony, what’s up with that?) and it means I can try Overwatch.

Overwatch Characters.png

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

I’ve tried to write this review several times over the past two weeks with, as you can probably tell, little to no success. It’s difficult for me to properly express my experience with Uncharted 2, especially in a balanced and thoughtful manner.

among thieves 1.jpg

Naughty Dog have done a brilliant job in getting the most out of the consoles, although I’ve been playing the Remastered version so I can’t really say that it looked great on the PS3. They did a great job with their environments and scenery, which has been the major selling point of Uncharted since day 1 – everything will look great, you’ll climb over some of it and shoot most of the rest. Away from the lush, open forests of faraway islands, Uncharted 2 is more focussed on cities and towns and you’ll find yourself on top of buildings to gaze upon the world more often than not.

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Pokemon Go

As I’m walking back from my local park, all of my exposed skin bitten and sunburnt, I thought I’d let you know why. It’s not because I have a crippling heroin addiction, though I imagine opiates would be more beneficial to my health than staring down at my screen hunting imaginary animals. If only because I wouldn’t have this crick in my neck and a little further away from a stress induced aneurysm.

Pokemon Go was released in the UK this week, officially, and downloaded illegally the week before by plenty of nostalgic adults who wanted to catch a Pikachu. It has immediately became more popular than Taylor Swift, Kanye West and – I’m starting to get a bit lost, so let’s say – Justin Bieber combined.

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Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved might seem like your run of the mill sandbox survival games, but it has dinosaurs! I had all too easily passed over Ark when it had first come out as another offshoot of the survival simulation genre, which I could easily experience by booting up Minecraft. However, it was on the Steam Summer Sale so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Ark Survival Evolved title
Olgrey /

You wake up on an island, with a loud and unskippable cutscene, looking at a thing embedded in your arm. Don’t worry if you missed it first time though because it plays every time you have to respawn which, if you’re as bad at surviving as I apparently am, you’ll do a lot. As per survival sim tradition, your first objective as a newly awoken test subject in the wild is to punch a tree for some wood, pick up some stones and fashion some sort of crude tool so you can hatchet trees instead!

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