Evolve: Stage 2

Whenever I see a game becoming over-hyped, I can’t help but think “you are going to fail and it will be hilarious”. A few big launches have turned out this way and I can’t help but think I have a pretty awesome superpower. One day in the future, I’ll talk about the remnants of Wildstar, Elder Scrolls Online and SimCity, but today I will focus on Evolve.

Or, as it has been rebranded now – Evolve: Stage 2.

Evolve immediately turned me off at announcement, when the developers seemed to spend more of their time plugging the downloadable content as opposed to actually programming their game – granted, the downloadable content made up 95% of the game, so maybe they just had a lot of spare time. Monster packs, hunters, weapons, all sorts of shill were thrown up on websites and at conventions as a way to entice their audience – the game was a shopfront for a load of assets they were throwing together.


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GTA Online

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a write-off, with unexpected circumstances preventing anything substantial from being posted. I’ve also been dropping in and out of different games in that time, thanks to a new group of friends with a hugely varied Steam library between us.

A lot of time has been spent in the impressively criminal state of San Andreas, where up to 30 maniacs armed to the teeth can cause havoc across the city of Los Santos (and surrounding areas). For the longest time, I’d created a guy who looked scarily similar to me and took after my greatest trait: staying inside for fear of being murdered. However, with the occasional support of a group of slightly less insane people, I’ve ventured into the world and committed a whole lot of crime.

GTA Online 1

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Guest Post: Overwatch

I’m happy to announce that this week, we have a guest post from a friend of mine – Aidan Parr! This is an unprecedented change and I can only assume he wants all of my ‘fame’ and ‘money’, but I’ll let it slide (this time). So, for your reading pleasure, please enjoy Aidan’s review of Overwatch on the PS4!

Having your own flat is full of little freedoms that you don’t expect, little freedoms that mean spending a large portion of your monthly income for the next 30 years on your mortgage seems slightly more worth it. These little freedoms include not having to queue for the shower in the morning, having pop-tarts for dinner, and having your own internet connection.

You see, this internet connection, this marvellous fibre optic connection, means online gaming is actually worthwhile for the first time in my life. I don’t have lag, I don’t have to wait seven hundred and thirty two hours for a PlayStation update to download (now it’s an even two hundred hours, seriously Sony, what’s up with that?) and it means I can try Overwatch.

Overwatch Characters.png

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

I’ve tried to write this review several times over the past two weeks with, as you can probably tell, little to no success. It’s difficult for me to properly express my experience with Uncharted 2, especially in a balanced and thoughtful manner.

among thieves 1.jpg

Naughty Dog have done a brilliant job in getting the most out of the consoles, although I’ve been playing the Remastered version so I can’t really say that it looked great on the PS3. They did a great job with their environments and scenery, which has been the major selling point of Uncharted since day 1 – everything will look great, you’ll climb over some of it and shoot most of the rest. Away from the lush, open forests of faraway islands, Uncharted 2 is more focussed on cities and towns and you’ll find yourself on top of buildings to gaze upon the world more often than not.

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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

A few weeks ago I decided to do a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ and ended up selling about half of my old 360 games collection. With the proceeds, I bought the Nathan Drake Collection and have now completed at least 1 of them – the first one, on easy.

ZWAME \ youtube.com

Uncharted was a series that flew past me, again because of my past with Nintendo and then my fling with Xbox. From what I could gather, it was Tomb Raider in proper 3D with a dude. I assumed there were intricate puzzles, cunningly laid out by ancient civilisations that had somehow managed to remain in complete working order for thousands of years just to screw around with future archaeologists, with some platforming and combat thrown in there too.

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Watch Dogs

As the Ubisoft plane came plummeting to the ground, they threw out everything they could in an attempt to get a few precious moments to call their loved ones and beg for forgiveness. One of the offerings was Watch Dogs, a game about hacking. That is, the movie interpretation of hacking.

Watch Dogs is hacking game focussed on Aiden Pearce, a man in a trenchcoat with a phone. The setting is real-world Chicago, with an unreal Skynet that runs everything, from traffic lights to bollards to helicopters, in the later game. They did manage to get the super network of CCTV cameras right though, so maybe ctOS isn’t that outrageous. What follows is a fairly bog-standard 3rd person shooter, with waist high cover mechanics and a hacking mechanic tacked on when necessary.

Hello? Yes, this is phone.
TNS Sofres / flickr.com

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

The most annoying thing about the newest Tomb Raider game is that it has disappeared into another letter in my Steam Library. Granted, it’s only three lines above the rest of the games, but when the entire series is in one place, it seems like a bit of an oversight. Minor gripe aside, I actually think that Rise of the Planet of the Tomb of the Apes is a pretty good game. The series was rebooted with the previous game by Crystal Dynamics, which I managed to smash through in one weekend and about as many sittings.

The new game continues Young Lara Croft’s adventures to become Angelina Jolie, in her bright-eyed, bushy tailed and tessellated hair phase. Following a disgrace in the family, Lara decides she wants to go a bit mad in the search for a magical artefact that can bestow immortaility, dragging her PTSD-ridden survivors from the last adventure along for the ride. I couldn’t remember any of their names, but that’s not important because you’ll be on your own before long anyway.

It’s a gorgeous view, sweeping lines, it just looks like it belongs.
The mountains are quite nice too.

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